Recycled Plastic Products

Due to the ever-increasing importance to recycle & protect the environment, our products are made from 100% recycled plastic. All the plastic used is recycled on-site and is a perfect alternative to wood. Our aim is to help rebuild the environment by utilizing a commodity, which people would otherwise just throw away, and so turn what to some would be rubbish into a valuable product for everybody.

What can the plastic be used for?

The manufactured plastic has many practical and very useful properties. The main base of our products are in the form of planks and posts which can be used on their own for Garden Fences, both low for front gardens and high for side and back fences for instance, along roadsides, and around fields & paddocks just to name a few.

It is also possible to produce a number of other products out of our plastic, such as picnic tables. These would vary in size suitable for adults and children. Park benches, outdoor tables, square or rectangular plant boxes, decking and seating. The list is endless.

Why are recycled plastic products different?

Plastic lumber is the perfect alternative to anything that has ever needed maintaining. Plastic lumber can be cut with a regular saw, drilled, nailed, or screwed into, and routed as easily as wood.

  • Does not rot.
  • Will not need painting or staining.
  • Is wear resistant.
  • Resistant to Vandalism.
  • Resistant to Salt Water.
  • Resistant to Insects & Bacteria.
  • Does not split or splinter.
  • Is completely maintenance free.
  • It is graffiti resistant
  • Resistant to the elements.
  • Resistant to chemicals.
  • Will not break, even in extremely hot or cold conditions.

How strong is it?

It is extremely solid and strong being able to withstand stress levels of well over 10 tons. It is heavy, durable, virtually indestructible and will not need to be replaced. In short, it is worry free.

Is there a colour choice?

Yes. Our main colours are black, green, and blue. However, we can make any product to any colour or collection of colours, even neon! As this removes the need for painting, whatever colour is required, just ask.

Will it burn?

Nothing is completely non-flammable. However, our products have an extremely high flame resistance level due to the addition of a flame retardant substance added to the plastic.

Does it need to be cleaned?

Our products only need to be cleaned after a spillage. The collection of airborne dirt is inevitable and we would recommend a simple spray down with a hose or wipe over with a damp cloth on a regular basis will ensure that your purchase is kept in the best condition.

Is it more expensive then wood?

No. The initial amount payable is more than wood, but our products are an investment as they do never need to be replaced. When the costs of replacing fencing or garden furniture, both wooden and metal, due to corrosion, fatigue or natural deterioration plus maintenance materials are taken into consideration, solid plastic lumber and furniture quickly pays for itself and in the long run saves a lot of time and money.

We hope that this page has answered most of your questions. However, please do not hesitate to contact us if there is any further information that that you would like.