Ramji Haribhai Devani Limited (otherwise referred to and popularly known as R. H. DEVANI LTD) delivers a complete range of products covering substantial consumer lines of both the domestic and industrial needs.

The Company also provides an all essential creative and original recycling concept involving the utilization of waste plastic and polythene in the production of plastic posts/poles and planks – this output is a perfect replacement of wood.

The Company

The Company was founded in 1935 but was registered and in incorporated in 1965 under Kenya Company Laws Act by the Ramji Haribhai Devani family and has since been involved in the production of high quality – low cost products for the East African Industrial and domestic market.

The Company has registered a first in a number of product lines within the country since its inception:

  • It was the first Company in Kenya to start the manufacture of Wax Candles. This was started in 1956 and it was not till the year 1968 when other companies moved into the manufacture of this product. 
  • It was the first Company to start the manufacturing of Floor Polish way back in 1959 and the “Lordex” water proofing compound in 1960. Before moving into this production, all local based consumption of these products was through importation especially from the United Kingdom (U.K.)
  • It was the first Company to start the production of neon and Perspex advertising products through a sister company that was then fully owned by RH Devani Limited – Pelican Signs Limited- the Company still continues to be owned by a family member of Ramji Haribhai Devani..
  • It was the first Company in Kenya to start the manufacture of wood preservative in 1966.
  • And as recently as 1998 it was the first Company to start Commercial Recycling of plastic and polythene wastes as well as the first company to start commercial farming of mushrooms in go down environment in Kenya.

Business Model

To be able to address the varied needs and motivations of the various consumers, the Company has had to develop a very diverse product portfolio as well as redefining the service lines that will enable the consumer get the produced good/product. The table below shows all the business processes that are covered by the extensive product offering from Ramji Haribhai Devani Limited:

 The Market

Today RH Devani Limited mainly operates within the East African Region with a well designed and nurtured sales network with the large retail and wholesale organizations and institutions.

Outer a field, RH Devani Limited is currently working on penetrating the COMESA region with its products after successfully entering its products within the Southern Sudan market. 

The Market opportunities for its business production lines are available and the challenge is effectively planning for the penetration of these segmented sales and consumer territories.

Organization Structure

Key focus areas of the management team are planning and strategizing all round activities to meet operational goals, and implementing robust WIP and delivery management programs to ensure linearity, high turn ratio and manning ratio. Besides establishing a production control system for resolving daily production issues, the team is required to liaise closely with other departments in inline process control, service delivery and output improvement activities.

The team manages the capacity, capital, standard cost, layout and resources of the whole Company. It ensures that resources are benchmarked and utilized in the most effective way to meet the current and future production and market demand and competitiveness.


As outlined in the business models above, our operations involve Manufacturing of various goods (food and non-food based), Process/Equipment engineering services, Research & Development, Packaging and general trading. All these operational lines have been optimally well and appropriately staffed to undertake the responsibilities, production capacities and sales programmes that are able to meet the company’s projected goals and expectations; other factors/limitations notwithstanding.


The customer profile traverses from the major manufacturers, major retailers, general stockists and even the very basic item provider, the kiosk retail business owner. These ensure that the product has both the capacity and ability to reach the much targeted consumer as opposed to availing the product only within the major establishments. Toward achieving these objectives, the Company has invested in a sales strategy and distribution network that ensures that all the above outlined channels of distribution of the Company’s products reach the requisite customers.


Our Customer Profile

Our customer profile traverses from the major manufacturers, major retailers, general stockists and even the very basic item provider, the kiosk retail business owner.

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